Bethesda UMC Sermon Podcast
2016-10-30 Musical Interlude

Today is Music Sunday at Bethesda. To celebrate, we are presenting the best of public domain spiritual music. Here are Jill Murphy on bassoon and Kayse Harshaw on piano, playing Alleluia by W. A. Mozart.

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2016-10-23 Sermon

Fight the Good Fight - Nelson Furtado
2 Timothy 4:6-8

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2016-10-16 Sermon

Pesky Prayer - Pastor Dana Overton
Luke 18:1-8

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2016-10-09 Sermon

Bloom Where You're Planted - Pastor Dana Overton
Jeremiah 29:1,4-7

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2016-10-02 Sermon

Who is at the Table - Nelson Furtado
Luke 14:15-23

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